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You may be THE expert in your field, but you also may need some one-on-one assistance or advice to develop a perfect book-length work.


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How It Works

Get your project on the right track – fast – WITH SOME ONE-ON-ONE TIME. 


$100/hour, two-hour minimum.

Why go with BookCrafters LLC?

Don’t be seduced by a company that advertises a seemingly inexpensive per-word rate! 

Think about the experience and background you’ll receive here. The editor at BookCrafters LLC Book Editing is Elizabeth Zack, who worked at two premier NYC publishers for a total of fifteen years. She served at these two companies as a Senior  Editor and knows the marketplace. She knows what is going to sell., and she understands how to present and position your material.

Through BookCrafters LLC Book Editing, Editor Elizabeth Zack gives you the benefit of her highly regarded publishing industry expertise as she provides you with specific, detailed line-by-line edit in regards to each word, sentence, and the book (and its concept) as a whole.


You get what you pay for. Before you sign on with another company, consider the publishing background their “editor” really has. Was their editor a top-level editor working at one of America’s largest, most reputable publishing houses (like Elizabeth Zack was)?  Are you going to be told the name of your editor? Are you going to be able to exchange emails, or talk on the phone with them, if you have questions? Is there a personal, one-on-one relationship and a dialogue being offered?


What actual editorial service is the company offering? Is what they call “line editing” a service traditionally known as “copyediting,” where the “editor” is just fact-checking and correcting grammar and misprints? Are you going to be working with a real “book editor” with publishing experience (vs. a copyeditor)? Are editing marks and revisions embedded within the text of the manuscript at precisely the point where they are needed?


At BookCrafters LLC Book Editing, you are NOT just another client; not just a job or a number. And - your book is not a “unit.” You’ll exchange emails with your editor, Elizabeth. You’ll talk on the phone with her too. Your manuscript will be in the right hands, and you'll enjoy a personal, one-on-one relationship and dialogue.

Free Editing Sample!

Send us 3-5 manuscript pages, and Book Editor Elizabeth Zack will provide you with a free content edit sample on your material.