What people are saying…
Absolutely the best!….Professional thoroughness, promptness, and cleverness in making the best out of my manuscripts.  Especially dear to my heart was the sense of camaraderie that I felt….I am grateful for all your help.
Joan Mathews-Larson, Ph.D.

Best-selling author of Depression-Free, Naturally and Seven Weeks to Sobriety

I have worked with Elizabeth, first as the editor of my nonfiction project (The Wisdom of St. Patrick), and then as a publishing colleague at Ballantine Books—and I can, with great confidence and enthusiasm, recommend her a talented  editor who has “saved” any number of books and substantially improved others, including my own.  She handles books and authors with great respect and skill.
Greg Tobin

Author; former Editor-in-Chief for both Book-of-the-Month Club and Ballantine Books, a Division of Random House, Inc.

We were referred to Elizabeth Zack to help us with our book proposal. Her expert ‘doctoring’ resulted in an excellent prospectus and eventual book contract…Her work is professional and smart. She has a canny ability to bring life to a manuscript, while maintaining the integrity of your work.  She has an authoritative,  energetic, confident style where you always feel her partnership and dedication to shaping and improving your project.  Importantly, she always responds in a timely manner.  She is a pleasure to work with, and any author would feel well-served by working with her.
Beth Grosshans, Ph.D. and Janet Burton, LCSW

Authors, Beyond Time-Out: New Strategies for Effective Parenting in Challenging Times

Thank you for the tremendous job you did on The Dirt Bike Detective. I was continually amazed at each and every page you touched – the problems you found – the details you noticed.
Douglas L. Hoover

Quick, organized, and a fine line-editor. It’s rare to find an editor who truly enjoys and excels at the detailed work of line editing and shaping a manuscript. Elizabeth does just that.
Denise Marcil, President

Denise Marcil Literary Agency, Inc.

A superb developmental editor. Her sense of structure and market expectations have contributed materially to the success of the projects we have worked on together over the years.
Diana Faulhaber

Publisher, American Dietetic Association

Elizabeth Zack is an awesome editor, her instincts flawless, her grasp of material swift and all-encompassing. (And she has a sense of humor!) She makes all her authors look good.
Joan Wester Anderson

New York Times best-selling author

Wherever you are in your writing career, you need Elizabeth Zack, a fantastic editor who has the incredible ability to amplify the author’s voice, making the ideas more clear and powerful. Thank you Elizabeth for making me a better writer.
Glenda Storm

Author of the upcoming Lemonade: A Sweet and Sour Memoir

Elizabeth Zack’s high-energy, ‘can-do’ attitude and in-depth knowledge of form and structure made all other options irrelevant. Work was completed on time, below budget and with such ease that the entire process seemed stress-free, enjoyable and rewarding.  If you are looking for an editor, a relationship and an outstanding result – look no further
Bob Scott

Author and Business Entrepreneur

You’ve edited three of my recent health books, raising the bar each time with excellent editing skills.  Both The Sinus Cure and Making a Baby are strong sellers on Amazon.com and other Internet booksellers, and the reviews are superb.  Elizabeth, if I ever need an editorial consult, I’ll know where to turn!
Debra Fulghum Bruce


You did an outstanding job for my How to Stop Heartburn book…I was exceedingly impressed with your meticulous editing of my manuscript.
Anil Minocha, M.D.

Author, Natural Stomach Care

A delight to work with….Elizabeth is very professional, prompt, fun to work with, and her skills were always right on the mark. Her suggestions on the wording and shaping of the material were always done gently and made such a difference in the overall feel of my writing…so much so that my nonfiction proposal was just purchased by McGraw-Hill!
Sandra Reishus, M.H.S., A.C.S.

Author of Oh No, I've Become My Mother!

Elizabeth has edited two of my novels so far and she has made me see things that i didn’t know were there. She’s got an eagle eye. She’s helped me make the storyline flow better and showed me how to give the characters more depth and a sharper description. A writer would absolutely benefit from her expertise.
Carli Palmer

Author of Down the Aisle with Bridezilla

You’ve focused me to write the first work of mine that I truly like and wish to see published.  This is new for me. I admitted no outside force to my other books and plays to keep me on track, and they did not end in the assurance that I hold for this work, that ‘This is a darned good book.’ What a miracle of clarity you have brought me. I’ve truly loved working with you and can only, through these words, give a far too limited indication of my deep respect and appreciation for the excellent craft that you provide.

Harris Monosoff, Ph. D.

Author of the upcoming The Boy Who Ended War

Elizabeth performed a manuscript critique and line edit for my manuscript…Her suggestions and edits immeasurably improved the plot, pacing, readability, and writing quality. She offered support and encouragement throughout the writing process, and helped me to become a better writer. I unconditionally recommend her to any author who wants to enhance the quality and marketability of their book!

Adam Lamparello

Author of Freak

Elizabeth is thorough, accurate and a genius at story suggestion without changing the unique qualities of the author. Her instincts are flawless, her line editing terrific, and she can sculpt a manuscript like a fine artist.

Susan Stoltz

Author of The Part-Time Thief and Other Appraisal Stories

Elizabeth is truly an amazing Book Editor. Words can hardly express how much professionalism and fun she brought to my work. I feel she was heaven-sent to temper my words and to gently enhance them.   Readers tell me all the time the book is well written. It was a beautiful experience.   Stev Fair Author of Love Reveals